January 3, 2017

Our Services

We are leaders in providing comprehensive NDT services to lots of companies throughout Nigeria and West African region.

We provide the full spectrum of NDT methods, from the most basic to the most advanced, and we work with equipment suppliers and industry technical societies on an on-going basis to develop new and better methods.

All of our technicians and inspectors are trained and certified in conjunction with the appropriate technical societies for the oil & gas industry, including, among others ASME, BSI, IRATA, ABS, DNV, ASNT, Factories Act of Nigeria.

Our quality assurance department continuously updates our procedures and best practices in other to partner with you to meet your non-destructive testing (NDT) needs. Please click each tab below to see our services:

Visual Testing
Magnetic Particle Inspection / Liquid Penetrant Testing
Ultrasonic Testing
Radio-graphic Testing
Eddy Current Testing
Visual Testing

PETROMAX Integrated Services provides a variety of VT visual inspection techniques to multiple industries. All NDT techniques are based on interpreting visual anomalies to determine test specimen soundness as detailed by the code or specification to which the test is performed. However, specific industries require a variety of visual inspection certifications to inspect their specific equipment.


A partial list of these certifications/techniques includes:


American Petroleum Institute:

  • API 653 Above Ground Storage Tank
  • API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection
  • API 570 Piping Inspection
  • API 579 Fitness for Service
  • API 580 Risk Based Inspection
  • API 936 Refractory Inspection

American Welding Society:

  • Certified Weld Inspector (CWI)


American National Standard Institute (ANSI):

  • ANSI N.45.2.6
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Instrument & Control
  • Visual
  • Civil
  • Receipt

Inspection ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Codes:

  • SNT-TC-1A & CP-189 • VT I, II & III

Visual Inspection VT-1, VT-2, & VT-3, VT-1C, VT-3C Level II

Visual Inspection VT Level I, II & III

Remote Visual Inspection VT Level I, II & III.

Contact the VT Visual Inspection experts at PETROMAX  Services to discuss your visual inspection needs.

Magnetic Particle Inspection / Liquid Penetrant Testing

 Magnetic particle and liquid penetrant testing are both line of NDT surface examination offered by PETROMAX Integrated Services on a daily basis.

Our expertise in these NDT techniques guarantees our clients of good quality service when utilizing PEROMAX Integrated Services Ltd.


Ultrasonic Testing

This is an NDT technique offered by PETROMAX Integrated Services Ltd in which Ultrasonic frequency waves are used to examine the structural continuity of an item, including the detection and location of flaw. It can also be used to measure thickness.

PETROMAX Integrated Services Ltd has range of Ultrasonic testing equipment that serves our client in areas of their specific needs. Most of our UT thickness gauging instruments Data Logging features and Echo-Echo ability. Benefits are On-the-Spot readiness of Inspection reports coupled with productive time savings from not removing paint coatings before inspection.

Radio-graphic Testing

Radiography (X-ray) is a non-destructive testing (NDT) method that examines the volume of a specimen. Radiography (X-ray) uses X-rays and gamma-rays to produce a radio-graph of a specimen, showing any changes in thickness, defects (internal and external), and assembly details to ensure optimum quality in your operation.

PETROMAX Integrated Services offers a full range of Industrial radiographic equipment and techniques. We will work with you to identify the most appropriate solution to ensure optimum technique performance, speed and economy for your application. In addition to X-ray inspection systems, PETROMAX Integrated Services provides X-ray services on a fee basis.

Eddy Current Testing

PETROMAX Integrated Services provides eddy current inspection for HVAC, Heat Exchangers, welds and various other types of infrastructure. Our Eddy Current Inspection engineers have got experiences on the Job as well as Classroom training on Eddy Current Inspection to international standard

Rope Access Technology
Navigation and Communication Systems
Bollard Pull Testing
Crane Inspection & Load Testing
ROV Services
Rope Access Technology

PETROMAX Integrated Services provides personnel specifically trained to work in inaccessible locations. We specialize in working at heights, using multi-skilled Rope Access Technicians (RAT’s) with equipment, to carry out a wide range of rope access-based services.

We use advanced access methods such as double rope techniques as a cost-effective alternative to conventional scaffolding or cradle systems. This offers clients a faster and more flexible solution to most maintenance programmes in difficult-to-reach areas, minimizing down-time and lost production.

Navigation and Communication Systems
  • Annual Marine Safety Radio (GMDSS) Surveys & Shore Base Maintenance
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Marine Radio Communications & Navigation System (GMDSS) Services,
  • Installation & Procurement
  • Fire Alarm & Gas Detection Systems
  • Gas & Liquid Leak Detection Systems
  • Marine Satellite Internet
  • Sat Phone Solutions & Marine
  • Satellite TV installation.
  • Installation of Magnetic and Gyro Compass of various brands.
  • Installation of Auto-Pilot systems of various brands.
  • Installation/Programming of VHF Radio, MF/HF and UHF Radio system.
  • Supply of Marine Communication products of various brands and Installation.
  • Supply and programming of EPIRB of various brands.
  • Supply and Installation of all GMDSS systems.
  • Installation and Maintenance of Radar Systems
  • Installation of GPS, ALS and Echo Sounders.
  • Installation and Maintenance of Inmarsat-C terminals.


Bollard Pull Testing

We provide our clients Bollard Pull Testing up to 1000 Ton capacity. It’s often a statutory or classification requirement to perform a bollard pull test with a third party.

PETROMAX maintains a set of calibrated bollard testing gear which can be deployed to the ships home port. Our technicians and inspectors will guide the captain through the bollard pull test procedures and record the forces measured. The data will then be processed, plotted and a concise summary report will be supplied. This report can be used as verification of the vessel’s capacity.

Crane Inspection & Load Testing

For the safety and productivity of your employees and workplace, it’s of critical importance to know that new or newly repaired or modernized lifting equipment is in proper working order—before you put it into service.  This section defines required pre-service operational testing and load testing.

These protocols are a standard part of PETROMAX INTEGRATED SERVICES LTD maintenance program.

Operational tests
Prior to initial use all new and altered cranes shall be tested to insure compliance with this section including the following functions:

Hoisting and lowering.
Trolley travel.
Bridge travel.

Limit switches, locking and safety devices.

The trip setting of hoist limit switches shall be determined by tests with an empty hook traveling in increasing speeds up to the maximum speed. The actuating mechanism of the limit switch shall be located so that it will trip the switch, under all conditions, in sufficient time to prevent contact of the hook or hook block with any part of the trolley.

Rated load test

Test loads shall not be more than 125 percent of the rated load unless otherwise recommended by the manufacturer. These test reports shall be placed on file where readily available to appointed personnel.

When it comes to safety in your facility, you can’t afford to overlook any part of the equipment inspection and maintenance process—and that includes testing of equipment before you begin using it in your operations. The leading crane service provider in the world, Petromax Integrated Services Ltd is committed to providing unparalleled maintenance and testing services.

ROV Services

Petromax is a specialized Service Contractor primarily involve in Oil and Gas industry in the area of seabed-to-surface covering worldwide. We provide wide range of equipments and technology solutions tailored to the given objective with cost-effective solutions.


Our solutions are driven by understanding general client needs and specific technical requirements by deploying best value-added technology with innovation, efficient and cost effective approach and adaptation to dynamic environment of the industry that demand player to strive for excellence performance.

Petromax Integrated Services Ltd and her partner Oil and Gas Gallery Ltd in-conjunction with Submersible Systems Inc. brings to you the world most rugged ROV systems that could meet SSI specifications. The TRY series has sufficient thrust to allow proven operations in currents up to 4 knots and down to depths of 3,300″


Petromax Integrated Services Ltd, provides a single source for servicing storage tanks and vessels of all types, handling everything from degassing, treatment and material removal to exterior re-coating. Our turnkey tank maintenance services include gas-freeing, sludge removal and processing, chemical treatment, cleaning for hot work, liner removal and replacement, interior and exterior coating, and process and utility system labeling. Our crews consist of full-time personnel trained to do their work safely and efficiently.
Petromax Integrated Services team of Tank Entry Supervisors (TES) and tank maintenance personnel receive specialized training in project management, job coordination, best method application and proper procedures for safe confined space entry. Our team free up valuable management time, allowing our clients to focus on other responsibilities. Regardless of whether your tank is being cleaned for a product change, an API inspection, repairs or decommissioning, Petromax Integrated Services Ltd will do a professional job at a competitive price and keep your out-of-service time to a minimum.

INCLUDE (but not limited to):
• Tank Isolation – Blinding / Lock-out / Tag-out
• Gas-Freeing
• Sludge Removal
• Washouts – High Pressure and Ultra Cleaning
• Sludge Processing
• Chemical Treatment Cleaning and Decontamination
• Liner Removal/Replacement
• Cold Cutting
• Surface Preparation
• Tank Linings
• Exterior Coatings
• Identification and Labeling
• API Tank Inspection



Customers face a need for accurate volumetric tables and quantity measurement, to control stock held in storage vessels. Petromax can provide accurate and detailed measurement and calibration of storage tanks to ensure customers don’t encounter issues. Up to date accurate calibration tables are an essential requirement for stock control and loss management, this is especially important for customs bonded sites such as distilleries and the oil and gas industry.
Maintaining up to date tank calibration data is of vital importance in maintaining customer confidence, identifying potential losses in stock and resolving loading issues, thereby supporting client’s operational efficiency.
Clients have a requirement for an efficient tank calibration service that is able to provide accurate calibration tables and survey reports whilst causing minimum onsite impact in order to reduce disruption to operations. The availability of both the latest technology and the safest calibration methodologies is of primary concern to clients when selecting a total quality assurance partner.

Petromax provides accurate and detailed measurement and calibration of large petroleum, fuel, and chemical cargo storage tanks. Tank calibration includes shore tanks and ship tanks used for holding crude oil, refined petroleum products, LPG, LNG, and other wet or dry bulk cargoes.

Storage tank calibration:
• Horizontal and Vertical Land Tanks Calibration
• Internal and external tank calibration by EODR (Electro-Optical Distance Ranging)
• Pipeline Volume Calculations
• Custody Transfer Systems (CTS)
• Ship and Barge Tank Volume Calculations
Measurements include detailed assessments of wall verticality roundness and shape, along with roof & floor profiles. Tank calibrations are conducted to the exacting requirements of the appropriate international standards published by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) or by the American Petroleum Institute (API). Detailed volumetric tables are compiled for each tank and can be formatted according to the client’s requirements. Comprehensive tables can incorporate any standard units of measure for size, volume or both.

Our Expertise

The combination of years of calibration experience with the latest software enables us to provide highly accurate, cost effective tank and sphere calibrations. Using the latest laser theodolite technology for tank calibration, engineers and technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art measuring devices .The use of EODR (Electro Optical Distance Ranging) laser scanning offers a quicker, safer, low impact solution for strapping storage vessels.

Petromax engineers have over 10 years’ experience in tank calibration and calibration systems development. With state of the art laser scanning technology and the application of tried and trusted calibration mathematical formula highly accurate calibration tables are produced. Clients benefit from this expertise not just throughout the calibration process but in support following completion of the report. Our team of experts are readily available to offer professional help and advice for client’s queries. Additionally our extensive expertise allows us to provide bespoke solutions from challenging calibration requirements.

Petromax Integrated Services Ltd is committed to the continual development of our tank calibration service and ensuring our service offering reflects the most cutting edge technology and up to date processes as these develop, in order to maintain our position at the forefront of calibration technology.