January 3, 2017

HSE Statement


PETROMAX Integrated Services is committed to ensuring the Occupational Health and Safety of all stakeholders, inclusive of employees, customers, contractors, service providers, suppliers and the public who may be affected by our operations.

We strive to:

Comply with all applicable legislation, requirements and best practices, including the ISM & ISPS code.

Implement the OHSAS 18001 Specification as the foundation from which to strive for continual improvement in performance.

Identify hazards, assess associated risks and implement appropriate mitigation measures to eliminate or minimize risks.

Create awareness of Health and Safety risks and encourage individual responsibility within our team.

Ensure that the contents of this policy are communicated to stakeholders who are required to fulfill their OHS obligations.

Participate in all PETROMAX Services safety initiatives, long-term goals and support policies and procedures.

PETROMAX Integrated Services employs a full-time HSEQ Department who are skilled in the unique environment of QHSE and who take great care in employing personnel that are highly skilled and accredited in accordance with the relevant international codes of practice.

We are very proud of our safety record and are working hard to reach (and exceed) our target of 1,000 000 hours without a safety incident of any kind, in the very near future. PETROMAX Integrated Services conducts its affairs so as to minimize any detrimental environmental impact arising from its activities, and maintain good working relationship.